Saturday, May 2, 2020

Pinion Comics Participating in Free "Virtual" Comic Book Day


Free Comic Book Day (weekend) is here! Below are links to two online DropBoxes filled with digital comic books. These book have been donated for this event by their creators and they have some great stories to tell.

There are over 45 different titles included and you can download all of them for FREE. In return we just ask that you talk and post about the ones that you like, support the creators, enjoy yourself, share with friends, or even be inspired to creator your own.

Please grab as many as you like before Monday May the Fourth (be with you) because the Dropboxes will be deleted.

Thank you to all the creators, the sharers and everyone who supports creators!

Have fun and stay creative!

BOX 01
BOX 02

I worked hard on this with my fellow creators...Kurt Belcher, Silas Dixon, Tomas Marijanovic, Steve Lisefski, Rusty Gilligan.


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